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Donovan nodded at Alaric’s dismissal. It was hard to tell if he was displeased at all as he was just as hard to read as Donovan was. Donovan however, was not all that concerned about how the stoic captain felt; it just wasn’t in him to care too much about what other people felt about him. Although the statement was probably mostly false for the better half of meeting Alaric, but enough was truly enough. There wasn’t any more that needed to be said or explained. I think Angus would be very pleased with this. He just isn’t very fond of the girls in Squad Three. I know that Isabelle and Queenie would respond well to them. They are both girls after all. Dawlish is probably going to just talk to Officer Martin, which is no problem as well. That only leaves me one person to worry about. He helped Alaric cleaned up the table, putting the parchments and books on the shelves and the chess pieces he took out back to the corner table, all the while being very careful not to brush past Alaric in case of shocking him. If there is nothing else, I will be making my exit. I wish you all a great time tonight and do travel safely back home. I will see you on Monday.

Donovan made his way out of the library to his living quarter. He entered, only to find a big mess of man lying on his bed, very much asleep. He kicked Angus once, who just stirred and mumbled, but not wake up. Donovan took off one of his gloves and placed it on Angus’s shoulder. The effect was instantaneous. Angus shot off his bed like an arrow and Donovan had to back away instantly to avoid having his nose broken by Angus’s forehead. Angus cursed angrily at Donovan while messaging his shoulder with his other hand. Why in the swedish meatballs would you ever do that to your best friend?

I tried kicking you awake but it did not wake you. Donovan stated matter-of-factly. Angus muttered incoherently, putting his boots on. Donovan grabbed his dark green cloak and handed Angus’s dark red one to him. Angus put it on gingerly. Off to the meet with the squad from hell, I guess. Angus said acidly, running his hand through his hair, making it look much more like a nest.

Off to my home. Angus eyes shot up and shone like a boy being rewarded a candy cane.

Are you serious?! Angus yelled. Orphaned at birth, Angus grew up in the orphanage just on the edge of the mercantile district, about a fifteen minute walk away from Donovan’s residence and the family potion shop. When they became friends at school, Donovan would often bring Angus home with him after school and the two of them would chat and do their homework together. Angus often stayed for dinner and even for the night. Donovan’s parents and brothers often joked that on their next renovation, they might as well build in another room for Angus so he didn’t have to share a room with Donovan every time he stays over.

Yes, but keep your voice down. I told Captain Talbot that we weren’t going to have a drink with his squad because I am become electrically charged due to the storm. I do not want him to think that I am using it as an excuse to get out of his invitation. The sky was getting much darker now and the wind had picked up. Donovan turned to lock up his window in front of his desk. He did not want to have to come back on Monday and deal with the mess and water in his room. The duo left his room and after Donovan locked his door, they made their way down stairs to front gate. The air was filled with the smell of rain and moisture, and the wind incessant. Come on; let’s go before we get caught in the rain. They walked together in silence, only with Angus making small talks and jokes.
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