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Donovan was everything that the other captains had told Alaric he was. A young upstart full of enthusiasm and getting ahead of himself, which made him mildly disliked. A shadow of a frown appeared at the corners of the large man's lips. He wasn't one to take a newer captain and cut the legs out from under him, however. Tell your Officer Ro’Han to maintain a large distance. If Lord Ambros' bodyguards catch him, we will have trouble on our hands for our unprofessionalism in digging into his 'private affairs.' He will not hesitate to complain to the Captain-Commander and ask for several new squads to be assigned if he even believes we have been watching him. Unless we have formally reached out to the Lord, we should not have anyone accompany him to meetings even in stealth as he will not allow just anyone in on his meetings and would request, instead, to have a Captain put at his disposal for these meetings and not just a "simple officer." Alaric swiped a hand across his chin again, the stubble once again slightly scraping against his fingers. A half hour is fine. Come to the library when you are ready. I will let Lieutenant Marth know that she and I will have extra guests at the Buckle this evening. I'm sure that the others of my squad will be glad to come along as well. I would just not recommend gambling with Officer Martin or playing drinking games with Officer Heathervain. Alaric decided to leave it at that and nodded to the younger man. I will see you in a half hour at the library.

With that, he departed. He would let the younger man decide what he wanted to do with the officer he had already sent into the field to stalk their patron. While intelligence is best gathered at the source, we need to accomplish it with an elegance that a lord would appreciate. He has his own security force and more secrets than a regular man times tenfold. I did not enjoy working with Lord Ambros the first time and I will certainly not enjoy it again, but an assignment is an assignment. If Captain Duchannes overextends his bounds, he may just get us both unassigned, which would be just as well though humiliating among the rest of the captains. Alaric sighed softly as he walked. I should check with Io and let her know about tonight. She will probably only be mildly displeased or possibly pleased. It is so very hard to tell when I've 'wronged' her.

A quick trip to the practice field had him seeing that Roz and Iona were speaking with Dera sitting on a fence, a piece of long grass wiggling between her lips as she chewed its end. Oi! Alaric! I thought you were going to the library with Baby Caps? Her grin was split from ear to ear.

"Baby Caps?" What's that? Roz's nose wrinkled in confusion. The wolf sidled up out of nowhere and nipped at her fingers playfully

The green-eyed, hairless-bodied, blond with the tight ass that joined the captain's rank and file not that long ago. Dera scoffed, a roll of the eyes from where she sat on the fence as Iona smacked her own rear.

Dera spat out the blade of grass. Iona, you're such a lech. I think you just need to find a pig with a large enough sticker to keep you satisfied for longer. And then you can stop finding those man-lover men who keep lodging complaints at the office with you. Roz giggled.

Ugh! I know! They just can't stop complaining when I pay them a compliment for their hard earned looks and manly beefcakes. You don't hate me, do you, Alaric? The woman turned her face towards him again, her expression one that was supposed to be stricken, but was coming off quite sarcastically.

Of course, the Captain would not hate you, Io! No man should! You're pretty and wobbly in all the right places. Roz chimed in, helpfully.

Or just pretty wobbly. Those tits are getting saggy as you age, darling. Dera barked a laugh.

Alaric choked and all three women glanced at him. I would never hate you, Iona. You are a good friend to me and an excellent lieutenant. I could not ask for better. The three women blinked at him and his stiff tone. Iona and Dera laughed while Roz awwwed. The man cleared his throat. I came here for a purpose. I wanted to let you know that Captain Duchannes and Lieutenant Tennisson will be joining us tonight at the Buckle. I would hope that you let Rilyn know and that you all join us there this evening.

Iona mimicked Alaric's reflexive chin rub and then grinned before shooting Dera a conspiratorial look. Roz blinked at the both of them and her wolf started thumping his back leg as she scratched behind his ear. I think we can manage it, Alaric.

But only for you, Captain.

I'll come too if they're both going. Someone needs to eat the snacks so these two get drunk faster. The younger woman smiled wickedly amongst those she considered her family of sorts.

Alaric nodded, clearly worried about what they were planning, but decidedly not going to ask as it would only make it worse. Please tell Rilyn about it. I need someone strong enough to carry at least one of you when you're unconscious. I am going to the library now. It will be more... quiet. The women laughed as he walked away, a sigh creeping out of his throat.

Once back inside, a certainly level of calm professionalism found its way inside him again. There was something about his squad that made him nervous and comfortable all at the same time. The library, however, felt like a large dose of sanity. Alaric knew the books he was looking for, found some rolls of parchment and some graphite sticks to write with, and located a back table with suitable lighting coming in from a nearby window to come up with strategy. The books would help him plan tactics if he got stuck. It would serve to have at least 10 different formations, code words for verification and battle plans, and then determine how Lord Ambros would work with such a plan. The man was going to be a difficult one to work with.
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