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Donovan and Angus saluted Captain-Commander Giraut after being dismissed, following after Captain Talbot and Lieutenant Marth to leave the office. Donovan was already whispering at Angus, delegating assignments to his officers.

I need you to visit Hector the Third in the Phenvest Penitentiary with Isabelle on Monday.

The black market merchant we caught for trading Class A illegal drugs on our first mission as captain and lieutenant? Angus whispered back, his grey eyes gleaming with interest.

Donovan nodded. Yeah, he had maintained his trading activities particularly with traders in Randatria and Taelothloren for many years until his arrest, I am sure that he would know if there are people within those regions who would like to remove Lord Ambros permanently.

I will be all over that. Should I get Dawlish to keep an eye on Lord Ambros? Angus asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Dawlish is an excellent candidate for information gathering or simply to spy on people with his particular set of abilities.

Yes, I want daily reports and remind him to be careful. The last shadowing assignment he did on Lady An’Sunamu was a job well-done. Donovan finished his statement flatly and Angus sniggered. Donovan shot him a look.

You said “shadowing”, you get it? Like he shadows people. It was becoming extremely hard for Angus to hold back his little laughter at Donovan’s unintentional reference to Dawlish’s ability. Donovan rolled his eyes.

Compose yourself. We are right outside Captain-Commander’s office. Donovan snapped. Angus was still sniggering but nodded in agreement, repeating the details to himself so he can spread the information in their squad memos. The said squad memos are five leather bound notebooks charmed by Queenie, when one writes in their notebook, what is written in it will also manifest in the other four notebooks. It is quite a clever trick on Queenie’s part and made communicating more readily and efficient, though it did worry Donovan at first if people other than his squad members got their hands on them and used them for what they weren't intended to, say crazy doodling or irrelevant scribbling, so he had all his squad members place a locking charm on them so they can only be opened to his squad members' specific touches.

As soon as he spotted Captain Talbot, who nodded his head in acknowledgement and Donovan nodded back in response, while Angus saluted to him and left to send out memos to the rest of the team. Captain Talbot seemed to want to take the lead on this mission as he talked of planning early. He was senior to Donovan and had much more experience, so it was only natural that he would be the mission commander. I agree with you Captain Talbot. I think it would be very beneficial towards the success of this mission for our squads to be on the same page from the beginning. It would be good start planning early, I cannot help but feel that they are many variable factors and Lord Ambros’s enemies would be numerous. I hope that you don’t mind that I have already taken the liberty to send Lieutenant Tennisson and my officers to gather intelligence on people who would target Lord Ambros and we will have the information by next Tuesday morning, we should arrange for an inter-squad meeting next week and we can share the information we have gathered with your squad. I am sure you also have some familiarity with Lord Ambros from previous experiences. Officer Ro’Han will be keeping a close eye on Lord Ambros for the month leading up to the symposium and accompany him to meetings in Phenvast, I am sure there would be valuable details to learn from these meetings as well. Donovan paused for a little before continuing, he just remembered that he still had his squad’s training journal to complete. Although, would you mind if I meet you in the library in about half an hour’s time? It’s just that I have my squad’s training journal to complete and I am almost done with it. As for the drink, I am afraid that only Lieutenant Tennisson and I will be able to attend. My officers have already left the barracks as I promised them that they can go home early today. It was quite physically exhausting for them with the mission at the beginning of the month and my squad was on patrol last weekend in place of Squad Seven who are still on their escort mission in the North. I wanted them to have enough rest in preparation of the new week to come.
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