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Captain-Commander Giraut nodded. As I expected. Dismissed. Alaric and Iona saluted once again and dropped their salutes at the same time to turn and walk, the large man before the curvy woman. Both stared straight ahead without looking back until they were in the waiting room area again.

Want to play some poker? The woman grinned. I'd bet my top in the first round. She winked at him.

Alaric sighed heavily again. As interesting as that sounds, I am afraid that I must decline. Why don't you and Roz meet up for training? She needs someone for Dhembet to chew on. His face was still a mass of seriousness though Iona could read through it.

Har har. Very funny. I'll go play with Dera. She likes it when I bet my top. The woman rolled her eyes. I can find you in the library later?

Alaric shrugged. Quite possibly. There is research to be done. I need to plan for a larger squad, cooperative rounds, patron protection in large crowds and in buildings, and perimeter point communication. We cannot be too careful here. The stakes are too high.

Io gave him an irreverent salute. I'll help you next week when fine-tuning what you came up with.

I know you will. You're good at thinking like a brigand or assassin.

Her face split into a brilliant smile as she received his small praise. Maybe I should go play with Roz...

Iona departed as Alaric waited for Donovan. As soon as he saw the young man, he nodded in acknowledgement once again. Captain Duchannes, I was not sure how free you are today, but I was thinking about sitting down to come up with plans for this mission. I know that it is early, but I like to put together a sampling before having my Lieutenant go through them to look for things I may have missed. I would be heading to the library at current and wanted to invite you in the chance that you would like to work collaboratively at the start. If not, you are free to plan in response to your own team and we can reconvene later to put strategies together? There was very little he really knew about Donovan personally. The younger man had a reputation of seriousness and some skill. Alaric was not ignorant that he was called The Second Talbot though he did not recognize the name. It was mildly offensive to have another person named after you when you were not all that close and Alaric himself was such a private person. Rumors circulated about his life before joining the Court Guard Squads as, from the way he talked about himself (which was to say not at all), his life began when he joined here. His past was only wild rumors and fuzzy imaginations. The rumor about him being an eunuch was put to rest after he decided to wash off after workout in the public bathhouse only once. Of course, then there were more women that came to watch him the next time. Life was all about double-edged swords. There were no such rumors of Donovan though he perhaps had just as many female admirers. Iona was 10 years older, but even she wouldn't hesitate to jump into bed with the young man. Of course, he hadn't even risen to her challenge earlier. He was as hard to read as Alaric himself though to a lesser extent because he seemed to smile at least a little whereas Alaric did not like doing even that. It would be a benefit to get to know them all better. Of course, I would like for our teams to get to know each other a little better as well as this will be a decently long assignment. Myself and my squad will be going to the Golden Buckle tavern later for drinks. Perhaps you and your squad would like to join us there as well?
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