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Donovan, while mainly focused on the taller man standing before him, could not help but notice that the woman beside him was watching him like he’s a piece of meat hanging off a stick. Words traveled fast in the barracks and many warned him of Lieutenant Marth soon after his elevation. At the age of 36, Iona Marth still chose to behave like a 16 year old with her smart mouth and frivolous decorum. Captain Talbot seemed to deal with her just fine, although others seemed to have major issues with her. People had filed for sexual harassments against her on numerous occasions and the wat she looked at Donovan; he was considering doing the same. He kept his face void of any expressions of discomfort as he listened to Captain Talbot start on answer, only to be interrupted by the opening door and the lieutenant of the healing squad.

Captain Talbot and Lieutenant Marth entered first with Donovan and Angus following behind them Angus quickly made a face and rolled his eyes behind Lieutenant Marth. They two followed Captain Talbot’s lead into saluting Captain-Commander Giraut and lowered their salute after Captain Talbot. They listened quietly to the Captain-Commander delivering the newest mission order. He frowned at Lieutenant Marth’s irrelevant question also the fact that a lieutenant should not speak directly to the Captain-Commander unless directly spoken to. Thankfully Angus still has sense of professionalism in him.

No further questions, sir. My squad and I will co-operate with Captain Talbot and his squad to the fullest extent to ensure the success of this mission. Donovan replied curtly, eyes looking directly at Captain-Commander Giraut, showing the same stoicism as the other two.
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