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Donovan did not mind as much as Angus did the frivolous way Iona chose to show respect to him, who huffed angrily next to him. Don’t start, Angus. And thankfully he did not; instead caring out an immature staring game with the female Lieutenant. Donovan left them to their own devices, as long as they were not causing a loud ruckus directly outside of the Captain-Commander’s office.

Donovan listened intently to Captain Talbot as he gave a basic recount of what how the mission, although not paying as much attention as he should be. Captain Talbot truly was quite a lot of man. Tall, making Donovan visibly tilt his head to look at him in the eyes, and those eyes were damn amazing, a mixture of grey and blue. Just like the sky before the storm. He blinked once when Captain Talbot asked him about the escorting mission his squad did for Lady An’Sunamu. Quickly, he regained composure and answered.

Ah yes, it went well. We were able ensure Lady An’Sunamu’s safety by posting my officers around and in her residence without disrupting her daily routines… thankfully. Lady An’Sunamu was very particular about this. As for the origin of the threat, it took some time and spells to figure out who the culprit was. The only lead we had was the letter she received and the Lady claimed that she did not have ANY enemies… Donovan smiled a little at this, bearing his pearly whites as it was quite a funny notion to him. It took some experimenting but we found a spell that could lead us to him and we apprehended him immediately. Not sure of what to say any more Donovan looked down, letting his eyes roamed over Captain Talbot’s chest quickly before dropping his gaze to the ground.

Angus was still continuing the staring game Iona started with him. Crazy woman acts like she’s freakin’ 15 when she’s probably 40. Probably wakes up every day and inflates her breasts with water to make them look like they are about to pop. Doesn’t she realize they look like they are sagging all the way to the first floor? Angus thought, his body temperature increasing in effect of his mood.

Donovan looked over to the left when he felt a slight increase in temperature. Angus was looking as if Iona was his mortal enemy and he was trying to burn a hole in Iona’s face, which Angus was most likely trying to do so in his mind. Donovan coughed lightly and Angus snapped out of his thoughts to look at Donovan, his body temperature returning. Donovan turned back to look at Captain Talbot. Say something! Anything! So you'd have reason to look at his face again!

Have you any idea why Captain-Commander Giraut would like to see us? Donovan asked the only question that came to mind. Angus took this chance to look at Captain Talbot as well, not paying attention to Iona any more.
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