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Alaric and Iona waited patiently on their feet and glanced in the direction of movement as Donovan and Angus appeared. The both of them saluted to Alaric who tipped his head in acknowledgement of the salute and Iona raised the side of her hand to her forehead and wobbled it off in the opposite direction in a weak salute to the Baby Captain. Yo. Alaric wrinkled his nose ever so slightly as he watched her out of the corner of his eye. Can't behave for a single moment, can she? I will throw her in the mud the next time we spar.

The Captain of the Third looked to the younger man with the blond hair and high cheekbones. I suppose Iona is right. He does look very young. It is the freckles perhaps. Yes, the assignment went well enough. We routed the brigands to a canyon and caught them down to a man to keep the eastern trade routes open. No new group has taken up residence since we tore down the shelters that had been hidden cleverly in a nearby cave. Now regular guard patrols are enough to keep the road open and Lord DeEsterling's trading caravans can recover their losses from the previous expedition. We were lucky enough to find half of what was stolen, though it would have been a greater success had we been able to recover it all. His tone was as carefully neutral as his face.

Iona had her hands clasped behind her backside and was rocking back and forth on her feet ever so slightly. It was obvious that she wished to bounce in impatience. However, she was trying to be good. Stare down! Her dark brown eyes snapped up and glanced at Angus. Her eyes narrowed as if they were able to shoot arrows out of them at him. Pew pew pew! I shoot you with my arrow vision! He looked like he had just gotten out of bed with that hairdo! Burnt cow pie! Pew pew pew! Arrow vision!

Alaric continued on, ignorant of Iona's new behavior as she was not bouncing or giving poorly created salutes. I heard that your latest assignment won some recognition from the patron you were working with? Pleasantries were necessities. He had been told this from the get-go. He needed to work at building relationships that would continue in harmony instead of discord. As it was, very few other captains had a problem with him though several didn't necessarily like him due to his dedication to the work; however, there were no open feuds. Though... most of the captains disliked Iona, but saw her value just as Alaric's predecessor had when she was originally promoted to Lieutenant.
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