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Donovan waited patiently for Angus at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Captain-Commander's office. He can hear in a distance someone running towards his location and his assumption was right, Angus appeared in front of him in no time, face not even flushed from running. Out of all the trainees, Angus had the best cardio endurance.

Straighten yourself up, we'll walk up together. Angus nodded and smoothed out his collar and his shirt. Donovan did the same, realizing that his hair was still damp, he combed it back with his hands. they began ascending the stairs side by side.

How did she take it?

Disappointed. But I promised her that I will take her out to dinner next time. What can I say? I am always the heart breaker. Angus said with a smug look and Donovan rolled his eyes. Upon arriving at the top flight of stairs, they could already see two people standing waiting. Captain Talbot and Lieutenant Marth of the 3rd have already arrived. Donovan had yet to have the chance to work with Captain Talbot on any co-ops, but his reputation exceeds him. Known for his dedication and die-hard attitude, he had led his squad in many successful missions. Stoic and big, some people think that Captain Talbot is imposing to talk to, but Donovan had more respect and admiration for the man than anything else.

Looks like the Talbot and the Second Talbot are coming face to face. Angus whispered under his breath with a snicker. Donovan scowled at him. He was sure that Captain Talbot does not appreciate the name while he felt slightly honored to share a nickname as someone he strives to become.

Do not say that in front of anyone else. Donovan whispered back. The reached the door and the two people in front of them. Donovan and Angus saluted to Captain Talbot. It is customary for lieutenants to salute to any captains, but unnecessary for captains to salute to one another. However, as the youngest captain, Donovan always performed this gesture out of respect for those more senior than him of the same rank. Donovan nodded his head to acknowledge Lieutenant Marth.

Captain Talbot, Lieutenant Marth. I hope you are all doing well. I'd like to congratulate you on your last mission. I heard that it was a major success. Donovan said, his face mirroring the expression of Captain Talbot.
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