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Alaric sat on the high-backed wooden chair that sat before his desk which faced the open window. The polished surface gleamed with a soft warm golden color of the finish. Two stacks of papers were weighted down with rocks. The ones on the left were reports that were finished. The ones on the right were reports that had to get finished. Thankfully the right pile is looking much smaller... Even the sound of his quill scratching on parchment was dampened behind his muffling spell. The birds and sounds from the yard were just under the volume to be distracting. Only the soft brush of his tied up hair across the back of his neck caused even a moment of distraction as he turned his head to think, running the feathery edge of the quill along his lips. Thinking about the last task that had been assigned was a difficult one. Roz had created more collateral damage than was necessary and there was additional healing needed afterwards. The man sighed and tilted back in his chair.

Oi! Alaric!

The sound didn't even register in his ears at all. His quill scraped across the parchment again, writing how many bandages, the potential loss of profits due to having to cover damages from the pay received, and then what the final total was. His hard reached over for the hard-covered record book behind the right pile and then marked down the breakdown of the pay between his squad.

I think he's got that damn silent thing going on. He probably can't hear me, all la-de-da, in there. Lift me up, Rilyn! Damn second story room shit. Oi! Alaric! Should I throw a rock up there? No? Oh! Better yet, you throw a boulder up there!

That is not wise, Iona. Rocks might break skulls. I will lift you. You are lighter than air anyway.

Oh, that's sweet. I'd bed you for that if I wasn't your boss... Anyway, up I go?

There was a deep laugh. Up you go.

Deep in thought, Alaric didn't notice as the blond mop appeared over the window sill until Iona's fingers and upper body were crawling through the window. What?! Her scrabbling fingers caught at the edge of his desk, knocking papers right and left and pushing them onto the floor in a large heaping mess. What are you doing?! He stood up so fast his chair fell over backwards and he staggered away.

You should be listening when people are bloody well talking to you! How many 'Oi, Alaric's do I need to say to get your attention, eh?! Iona's breasts were nearly popping loose of her red shirt's impossibly low neckline as she wiggled her hips to try to get her body in through the window the rest of the way now that Rilyn could no longer reach her. Alaric could hear the scraping of her boots along the wall, probably leaving hideous scuff marks the like no one would ever be able to remove.

Just... Just go back out the way you came, Io. The large man made shooing motions back towards the window she was not yet all the way through as she grunted uncomfortably. And you've already made a mess of my paper.

Her tumble of hair drooped over her face as she grinned at him. And I love you too, my big lug. Give me a hand, huh? Then I'll help you pick up your precious, precious papers? With a heavy sigh, Alaric grabbed onto her forearms and tugged her in gently so she could perch on the table and right herself. Of course, she had to put her lady bits in order first by touching them to make sure they weren't lopsided. Alaric rolled his eyes and turned away so she could at least maintain some decorum, not that she cared. So the precious work papers?

Yes. The 'precious' work papers, as you call them. Figure out which ones I've finished and put them on the left and ones that don't have my writing on them need to go on the right. The explanation was dry as he stooped to pick up the parchments, now more rumpled than the last time she had spilled them all over.

My right or your right? For the finished papers, I mean.

Look at the window over the desk. Put on the right side facing in that direction. He didn't even bother to look at her until she punched him in the arm.

You big lug! I knew that. I was giving you a hard time. Always spoiling my fun. Bloody jerk, you are. She stuck her tongue out at him as he blatantly ignored her.

The papers were gathered up in no time and then it finally dawned on Alaric. So why did you have to crawl in through the window, Io?

The woman guffawed. Oh damn me! I forgot! That first squad dick says the old man wants to see you and me. I bet we're late now. Do you know how long I was yelling at your window? Oh and, by the way, I have always loved it when you're not wearing a shirt and doing paperwork. Very fetching. She gave him a wink and poked him in the chest.

Startled by the news, Alaric's eyes widened and he plucked up the shirt on his bed and tugged it messily over his head as he began moving out towards the door. You need to use the door next time! Come on!

Iona snorted as she watched him walk out and then gave him a saucy salute behind his back as she muttered. Aye aye, Captain. Ha! I love to see him run. Good thing we've got about ten minutes. We'll be bloody early at this pace. She stepped after him quickly, pulling his door shut behind her, and then whistled as she went along at a leisurely pace.


By the time Alaric had reached the stairs leading up to the Captain-Commander's office, he had remembered to breathe again and scowled at Iona who stood next to him. The woman grinned again and straightened her captain's shirt and tied up the front with her deft fingers. We're not late, are we?

Nope. Early. Aaaand you're welcome! She giggled and straightened her already untidy hair which never got less tangled looking.

Alaric sighed. Let's go then.

The both walked up the large staircase together. Alaric always looked forward to speaking with Captain-Commander Giraut who he felt was the best leader a man could hope for. If he had been summoned along with Iona, that meant that there might be a promotion, a difficult assignment, or a training opportunity for his squad. Oh and Baby Captain and Cow Pie got summoned too. I forgot. He nearly tripped on a stair.

While he understood who she was referring to, it was not really the best thing to say out loud in a public space. Please be professional for just a little while.

She saluted and then waited in the small waiting area before the Captain-Commander's office until their time to be summoned in.
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