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Donovan sat on his bed at the right corner of his room in Squad Five barracks; his hair still damp from the bath after practice and he left his shirt off to cool off his body. He was just ready to go over the squad's training journal and have it submitted to the First for evaluation. It is the last day of the month and even it being a Friday, it still meant that Donovan was going to finish everything this week before he went home for the weekends. The setting sun was casting a warm golden glow on top of his polished wooden desk, facing his open window on the 3rd floor.

Squad 8 is on patrol for the weekend which meant that for the other squads, it's valuable personal time during the weekends for the rest. Donovan flipped through pages of daily training report, and reached the last unfinished section, personal evaluation of all squad members. He placed the journal on his knees. He was just about to start writing when there was a knock on his door. Lieutenant Tennisson asking for permission to enter! Donovan did not bother to answer and the person outside obviously did not bother to wait. His door opened and shut and his bed sank as a weight was added to it.

Angus Tennisson entered the 13 Court Guard Squad the same time as Donovan did. They were already classmates back at school and it was almost fate that they were selected into the same squad and elevated within the same squad as well. Angus elevation was mostly the doing of Donovan, who recommended him to Captain-Commander Giraut upon his own elevation as captain of the 5th. Angus possessed the suaveness and diplomacy which Donovan lacked. Plus, there should always be someone to be the good cop when the captain is already posing as the bad cop.

Here, I had Queenie clean your clothes for you. Donovan shot him a look, don't worry, I meant magically, as in, she didn't touch it. As far as I can tell, she was happy to do it. Donovan nodded at this. He was very against having his squad members perform his own personal duties for him.

You should really be flaunting that captain status of yours a little more you know. Captain of the 2nd has people cleaning his room for him.

And when have you ever seen his squad members last for longer than three months? Donovan asked while turning to another page, listed with Isabelle Finnley's name and basic stats.

Good point. I haven't thought about that. Angus replied shortly and dryly, rolling his eyes.

I need you to finish my personal evaluation. It's on my desk. Donovan motioned to a roll of parchment of his desk.

You know I only ever have good things to say about my best friend. Angus mocked, did you want this finished today? There was a tone to Angus question that Donovan was ever so familiar with. It's the tone he used when he was trying to delay work assigned to him. Donovan sighed and looked at Angus in the eye, forest green meeting the glittering grey ones.

Who are going out with again?

No one, no one... just a new recruit in the 6th... Angus trailed off expectantly. Donovan shook his head and turned to the next page in the journal.

Have it on my desk on Monday.

Bless you, bless you, bless you! Good things will happen to you! I... There was a knock on the door and without any form of verbal notice of who the person is, the door opened. Someone in his late 30's entered, grey haired, angular face and bulging muscles under his shirt. Lieutenant-Commander Gail Ford of the 1st Squad entered, and the duo stood up from the bed to salute him.

Ah, good. Captain-Commander would like to see the both of you as well as the captain and lieutenant of the 3rd. Please make your way immediately to the meeting room Both of them nodded and saluted his once more as he left. Donovan immediately turned around to put on his white shirt, after tucking his shirt in to turn around, he saw Angus with a look of despair and anguish on his face. He couldn't help and laugh. Go on, I will meet you outside. Drinks on me tonight. Angus nodded and walked out, the heels of his boots dragged along the floor as he went to call off his little date with the said girl.

Donovan walked up the stairs, his pace steady. He wondered what could the Captain-Commander have to say, gathering the captains and lieutenants of two squads.
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