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Rani smiled and glanced over her shoulder at Sel. "Why not just go for being caravan guards? Personally, I think it's much more fun. I mean, rather than being sent off to find bandits, one can travel at the same time as doing their job." She turned forward again, carefully watching where her hooves went, so as not to step on something that would hurt her.

The centaur, though a sort of mercenary, traveling warrior herself, did prefer serving caravans. Often they were better protected, and it was easier to get accepteded by people in the city. Not that I like the city that much. I mean, I barely fit in the streets...have to watch out so as not to trample people...

She sighed and fell completely silent, letting her thoughts become preoccupied with where she was stepping. It was dark and hard to see. Stone, plant...fern...
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Here we go again... · Uruhyo Forest

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