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Sel set off after Rani, decidedly striking up a conversation.

Well Rani, I suppose we are something like mercenaries. She admitted, almost embarrassingly.

It's kind of how we make our living. Sage does most of it, but regardless, we should have another job to do next when we get back to the City.

She was kind of rambling, but at the same time she wasn't really listening to her own words. Sel was worried that the bandits would come again...

Those bandits... I thought Sage had gotten rid of all of them. But there were still some, and even so... they retreated. I wonder why... perhaps to regroup? Still... Unusual.

As Sel rambled off and pondered, Sage kept his mind on the present.

His left hand sat on the hilt of his sword, and he would be ready this time.

I was pretty sure I had gotten all of them... so where did these come from...? Ah, the mysteries of life... He chuckled to himself, as he continued on.
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Here we go again... · Uruhyo Forest

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