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Jinx's eyes were wide as he grew ingrossed in the two fae's conversation. -What the hell is going to happen to me then? I'm going to be stuck with that clingy Nixie?! No! NOOOO! That can't happen! I refuse!- An angry pout formed on his lips. This was just unfair.


Elle had two emotions warring for position on her face. One was happiness that Leeli finally found someone to be with. Someone to fill her life with love. The other was irritation/frustration that more people had been added to the little group. She knew she said she'd help, but she wasn't planning on having any more bigger group than it was. She missed her small pack of her, Caller, and Tera. But of course, she couldn't get Caller back, so when this group split up, it would just be her and Tera. Thats if Tera didn't leave her for Fenrir. Oh what a mess she's made of her family. Elle sighed, quickly becoming depressed.

Tera trotted along after Fenrir. Her saliva was making the rabbit's fur wet and slippery, so she constantly had to adjust the hold she had around the animal. It wasn't much of a burden, which she was glad for. Dragging the deer back would have been a little more of an issue than the rabbit.

She looked Fenrir over. Blood was dripping down his chest from his jaw, and his muzzle was drenched in the scarlet liquid. She herself was glad she wasn't as much of a mess, she had little blood on her, but it was still enough that she wished it gone at that moment. Tera kept her tail high and proud however, as she leveled up with Fenrir as they made their way back to their leaders.
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