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Jinx watched Kail go over to Leeli, awe in his eyes. -He couldn't...wouldn't....what the....but he.....how...?- His mind was so confused. But he could see the fear practically radiating off of the red fae. Jinx thought of going over to eat but he decided that he'd caused enough trouble for once and just went over to a tree to pick a peice of his own fruit. It was a much smaller apple than the biggie picked, but it was just as ripe. He wished to go over to the fire, but since the biggie was there, he thought better of it. He sat dead center of the space between the faeries at the apples and the biggies at the fire. Some of the warmth and light would reach him, he could hear conversations from both ends, and also keep an eye on each. It was the perfect position.

Jinx bit into his apple with a small crunch, breaking the bright red skin. The juice; the sweet, sweet juice flowed into his mouth and he drank it before actually eating the apple peice he had broken off. Once he swollowed, he took another bite, determined to finish the scrumptious fruit. Mmmmmmm....


Elle watched from where she sat as Leeli moved and the red faerie eventually followed, trembling with fear. -Can I really strike that much fear into somone?- Elle grew a little sad as she kept an eye on the two from a distance. When Leeli moved, Elle had not moved with her, honoring the little woman's courage and power. Plus, it was a fae's affair, which she had no part in. So she gracefully bowed out until she was spacifically called upon.

Tera watched the life leave the deer and hunger glowed in her green eyes. But she remained patient. She watched Fenrir work to remove one of the back legs. She moved past him, brushing her tail against him to let him know she was off to retreive her own, smaller kill. She ran at a gentle lope to where she had dropped the rabbit. Quickly, the small, gray animal was found. She picked it up in her jaws carefully and then made her way back to Fenrir. A good hunt this was. At any rate, it was good fun too.
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