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Jinx watched Kail's unease at Leeli's challenge. He couldn't decide between a smile or a "I'm-friggin-terrified-of-this-woman" mask to wear. There was a reason for each. The former was because it was kind of amusing to see 'The Great Kailen' so shifty and the latter was because Leeli did look menacing. He decided on the terrified expression, it was more dramatic. Jinx always went for the dramatic sides of things. It was always more fun. Just like he knew the difference between right and wrong, wrong being the fun one.


Elle watched Leeli take her stand. And she had to admit, even the littlest packages hold some of the greatest power. She looked to the fire where Keira was for a moment, then turned her eyes back to the faeries. She saw what Leeli was doing. She could see the fear in the fae that her and Keira inflicted. Leeli was making them push past the fear for and audiance with her, or none of it would be worth it. But what were they doing here anyways? That question still puzzled her. She wanted to ask Leeli, but the discipline to not speak out of turn was too strong. So she sat more comfortably on the ground about two yards away from Leeli. She was sitting criss-crossed on the soft grass, far enough from the blue woman that she had space, but not too far that she could help if Leeli called upon her. She waited, watching carefully and also listening for the return of the wolves.

Tera was going to go for the throat when Fenrir sliced the deer's hamstring, but Fenrir got there first. So Tera took advantage of the deer's faulter to intercept it's path with two quick and long bounds, making it difficult for the deer to get away and give Fenrir more of an advantage to go for the kill. If Fenrir missed, the she would finish it. But she had confidence in her current hunting companion.
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