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Jinx blinked as Lahura pushed past him and out the bush. Then Kail followed. Jinx paused for a moment, taking in the look of Kail's glare. He took in a breath as if he were going to speak, and then closed it. He followed the other faeries out of the bush and called out. "What do you mean...?" And then it clicked. "Oh." He took off and sped after his friend. "Kail. I'm sorry...." For once in his life he was actually sincere. It was rare for Jinx to apologise to anyone for any mistake, even his own.

He flew as fast as he could to reach Kail but he caught sight of the biggie by the fire who had seen Kail. "KAIL!"


Elle had noticed Leeli come out of the bush and she sighed a breath of releif. But then another, red fae followed with a desperate expression on his face. -Who the hell?- And then yet another came forth from the bush. She got up swiftly and jogged over to Leeli. She would reach Leeli before the fae did. She crouched down infront of the blue fae and noticed her all teary-eyed. "Leeli? What happened?" Her tone was gentle and she reached out to pick up Leeli but paused. "Do you want some help over to the fire? And I've got apples for your dinner, you must be hungry."

Elle looked up at the on-coming faeries and her eyes hardened a little.

Tera followed Fenrir's silent instruction and took the other flank of the animal. Her stride lengthened to reach the animal, she was so close.
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