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Jinx backed up a little when the blue faerie started getting the electric energy flowing along her. He didn't want to be shocked, thank you. He looked back at Kail as he stood up.

Kail was shorter than Jinx and Jinx stood tall simply to infurate his best friend. But he pulled a slow scowl across his lips, playing the part right. "You idiotic, pig-headed, conceded, jerk. You left me with that clingy..." He cleared his throat. He had momentarily forgotten that the lady was present. He turned towards her and bowed fluidly. "I am terribly sorry, m'lady. I am Jinx Feather-Flight who had taken residence in the Nighten-Gails with Kail here when I was younger. He left a while ago and left a certain someone behind who decided to cling to me for a while, hoping for my help with tracking you until she decided to track you herself." At the last sentence, Jinx turned and glared at Kail. Then he grew smug. "Although I have to admit, she isn't very good at it."

Kail's ex girlfriend was a horror and would be best to avoid. "I came to warn you Kail. She will be upon you soon if you don't move, and fast." He blinked as he remembered. "Why are there biggies out there?" He pointed towards the opening of the bush. "I never thought I'd see the day when Kail was within a hundred yards of the biggies." He gave a sly grin.


Tera caught on and dropped the rabbit, knowing she would come back for it after helping Fenrir. She sprinted after him, quickly picking up on the scent he had found. Her movenments were fluid as she pulled with her front paws and propelled herself with her back paws, keeping up with Fenrir easily.
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