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Tali almost burst into laughter when Shalin stripped herself of her remaining garment. It was odd to see, since she grew up in a town where everything was covered, even when it was scortching hot out. She glanced at the garment for a moment, trying to calculate how long it'll last.

She smiled at herself and shrugged her shoulders, feeling her small pack move against her back with her movement. "I have a cape that I use in winter that can be used if Shalin's shirt doesnt last long enough. It's not that close to winter yet and I dont mind my cape being used as long as I can somehow buy another before the cold winds start to hit." She smiled and twirled the skirt of her summer dress slightly. She loved the freedom of her dress rather than the choking garments she used to wear in her town when she wasn't at the camps.

She looked up at Ra who looked ready for battle in her opinion. How dangerous was this place exactly?
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