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Elle watched silently as Keira set flame to the wood, the low fire grew as it ate away at the wood, crackling and promising warmth.

Tera's nose brushed over a fern leaf and instantly picked up on a very fresh scent of rabbit, her favorite. She dove into the bushes in search for the fuzzy, scrumptious dinner. She kept her pawsteps very quiet once the gray creature came into view. She stalked towards him, mouth closed and breathing quietly through her nose. Her tail was half raised for balance but low enough so as not to allert the tiny animal. Then she lunged, catching it by the neck and snapping it without breaking skin.

She pranced around her catch for a moment before picking it up again and trotting off towards Fenrir. She hadn't eaten since she gave her previous meal to Fenrir so she was hungry, meaning they'd have to catch atleast three small animals. One for the leaders and then one for each of them.


The green, tracker fae zoomed into the clearing and froze in mid-air. There were two biggies. One was lighting a fire, the other watching. There was a pile of delectable apples that made his mouth water. He started floating lazily and dreamily towards the apples until he caught himself. He was on a mission! The fae glanced around one last time before zooming into a bush unnoticed by the biggies. He kept his eyes on the closest biggie to the bush as he backed slowly, deeper into the bush. And then he was stopped.

He spun quickly, his cheeks becoming bright red for a moment before fading. He didn't know whether to burst into laughter or start yelling at the couple kissing at his feet. He decided for the most dramatic and put on an angry, parental face. "KAILEN! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!?" He fluttered his wings in an angry way and he shook a finger at them.

Now to wait for the reaction. In his mind he was smug and laughing heartily.
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