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Ra stepped back and let Tali tie the bandage. Surely her smaller hands would be better. He noticed her limp though, and blinked lightly. But the girl pushed past it, so he had no worries. They would doctor themselves better as soon as they reached the surface once more. As the girl went and grabbed a large piece of wood that was among the rubble. He took it from her as she held it out, his muscles twinging a little.

I really am the least hurt... The draconian contemplated. He had gotten off with scraped hands and bruises, even Tali had a sprained ankle. And Shalin...well, she had to have bruised a few ribs under that scrape. "I'm afraid that just wood soaked in booze won't last too long. Either of you have any extra clothing or cloth perchance?"

He set the wood piece by his feet and swung his pack off his shoulders. The first thing he pulled out was armor, and immediately, he started to put it one. The hard leather and pieces of metal fit him perfectly, covering up much of his glittering scales. Greaves hooked to his belt, and his helmet almost made a snapping noise as he fit it perfectly over his nose. It buckled under his chin. Last to go on where his gauntlets. Then he took out flint, steel, and some tinder, getting ready to start a flame.
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