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Pausing for a moment, Rani saw that Sel fully intended to take the rear and nodded. It'd probably be best for her to be in the middle, since her sight wasn't that good at night. Just like a horse, she wasn't exactly fond of the dark. And she'd much rather be in the middle of the herd. Her hooves thumped quietly on the ground as she walked, her horse half rippling with muscle that could've been seen easier had it been light out.

The mare sighed lightly, glad to be in company once more. She had been out on her own for two long, and traveling with others, whether they were of her race or not, was a welcome reprieve. So, keeping her ears tuned sharply for any suspicious noises around her, Rani let her eyes focus solely on the man ahead of her, and settled for a long night. They would probably be traveling for a while.

They say they were out here on business...So are they mercenaries? Or is it just Sage who's a mercenary. Sel seems to be able to hold her own, but really is much more of a writer it seems. A scholar with a mercenary for a brother maybe? Maybe she refuses to stay behind, and so he lets her accompany him...So many questions, but I guess I will find out soon enough...Come day, I'll be able to see clearly again...
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Here we go again... · Uruhyo Forest

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