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Sage chuckled to himself as his Sister also did the same. He examined the condition of his blade for a moment before he sheathed it. He took a look at their surroundings, and tried to picture in his head which direction they had come from, but it became obvious after a moment or two that he was quite lost.

Of course, this didn't meant he wouldn't say such a thing.

Oops uh... I believe I've lost my bearings. I have no idea where we are in this forest. He smiled sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head.


Selisis giggled almost at the same time her brother did, and she knew she probably should see to Rani's injuries soon. But it could wait for the time being. Instead, she put away the pack of herbs, and shouldered her satchel.

She pressed her palm to her face as she realized her brother was absolutely without a doubt lost.

Okay, well... If I recall correctly, there should be an off-path leading back to what I think might be the primarily traveled path in the forest in that direction. She indicated said direction with more certainty than she really felt.

If nothing else we can start off in that direction.

Sage nodded at her, and started off in that direction. She took a moment to wait for Rani to follow after him, deciding to herself that she'd bring up the rear. Sel also made a mental note to jot down what had occurred later.
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Here we go again... · Uruhyo Forest

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