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Tali nodded and did as she was told and carefully made her way towards Shalin. She had a terrible limp but she pushed past it, not showing any other signs of pain besides the limp itself. She took the fabric and looped it around Shalin's girth and began to pull it tight as she was instructed. Making sure the fabric fully covered the gashes. It was easy enough to tie it but Tali kept her eyes away from the Lady's face, for if she had seen any expression of pain, Tali would have backed off despite what she was told. Tali knotted the fabric so it would not come undone with any movements besides those to spacifically untie the knot.

At Shalin's words of a torch, Tali glanced around. She walked over to a pile of rubble that had avoided smooshing them to death, and started sifting through the debris. She found a long peice of wood and held it up to Shalin. "Something like this for a torch?" She was trying to be helpfull, at the same time she wanted as much light as possible in this dark place. The wood was about half her own height and was as thick as her fist, although she couldn't really guess at the type of wood it was.

She limped back over to the other two and was intending to hand the wood over to one of them. She didn't want to be the one to hold a flame in case she were to trip. Best bet would for Ra to lead the way, holding the torch, then Tali would keep close to him or Shalin to ensure she wouldnt get lost in the shadows. The speed would have to be kept at a slow pace for the injured however. -Oh joy. This is going to be fun.- The sarcastic comment ran through Tali's mind as she sighed.
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