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Shalin clenched her teeth shut as she turned to examine her side more. It looked worse than it probably was, but it still looked rather nasty. She would most likely not die from it, but it would hurt a lot until healed. Ra wandered around her bulk to see what he could find as well. The gash was really three smaller ones just nearer to each other, but the blood made it look like one instead of three. A large strap of fabric would probably be able to get all of them at once. Just something tight to put enough pressure on it. I don't think I've broken any ribs, just sprained a couple, maybe.

Tali appeared to be bruised the way she was acting. Perhaps nothing serious, just sore. The centaur felt much better that she had tried to protect the child as best as she could. She sighed softly. I am thankful that you are not more seriously injured, Tali. I was worried that I would fall on you or that something much worse would have happened. Thank goodness. She smiled gently at the girl who seemed to have warmed up to the two beast-type creatures quicker than she thought that the girl would have. If you could, Tali, just take that strip of cloth and wrap it around me and tie it tightly to put pressure on the wound. If I wince, tug harder. We're going to want it as securely as possible.

Shalin looked around again. I think that the only way out of here is to pick one of these three routes and travel it. With luck, we'll find a bright tunnel leading up or someone friendly to ask directions of. We'll need to find or build something that will burn. Ra, you have alcohol and I do have some flint and steel. So... if we find a long rock in the shape of a mace or something longish, then wrap it up in some fabric, soak the fabric down with some alcohol, and light it, we'll have a makeshift torch for the time being until the alcohol runs out. That's the best ideas I have. I still have energy and can go for a while yet without sleep. If Tali is fine and you are as well, then we can still keep moving today. I think that the best thing for us would be to move out and make for the surface as soon as possible. Other ideas?
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