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As Shalin explained about the Underdark, Tali's eyes widened in fear. Her expression became more and more shocked. Then realizing what she was showing, cut off the emotion and plastered a smile on her lips. "I see." Her voice was still a bit shaky but that would soon fade...she hoped. It was more of a history lesson that she was wanting at the present moment.

She gave a sigh when Ra told her to tell him of her injuries. "It's not too bad. Just a bunch of bruises and my ankle is sprained. But I've had worse and I can still walk. I dont want to burden Shalin more for today. And I've had a good enough nap that I can go on for a while. But resting would be best, yes." Tali looked up to see the entrance of the hole they fell in. "What a fright to wake up to, that's for sure." She laughed lightly, although it was far from real. "How are we to get out anyways?" She wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer.

Tali got to her feet also, testing her ankle. The littlest of weight on it hurt like crazy and her leg shook beneith her. She released the pressure on her foot so Shalin and Ra would not notice the extent of the injury and she also cleared the pained expression from her face. She would not burden them if she could help it. She looked up at the adults. "And I would love to help Shalin in any way i can."
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