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Ra looked up. He didn't have any torches. Typically by nightfall, he was in a village or hamlet. No need for torches. But, he could bandage up Shalin's side. "Well, I've no torches, for sure. But I've a leather shirt that should work just fine as a bandage for your side, m'lady." He dropped his pack on the ground, where it jangled from the armor he had placed inside at daybreak that day. Opening it up, he pulled out a soft leather shirt, looked at it for a moment, and then determined that it would work just fine.

"This will work as a main bandage, but I've not way to make sure it stay's secured. My belt is not long enough to go around your girth, m'lady. And I am not the best at bandaging things up. I have never been much on being a medic of any sort. In fact, Tali's nimble fingers might be better for applying things such as this. I wouldn't want to slip and hit you with my claws." His voice had a light, smiling tone to it. Then, a moment later came the sound of a ripping seam. The shirt came apart in his hands, making the possible bandage twice as large.

"I say we get bandaged up some, and then rest a while. I wouldn't want to stop in the middle of somewhere and be attacked where the light is even more dim. Besides, m'lady, I don't think either of you two are fit to be moving around much just yet. Tali, can you list of whatever injuries you know of on yourself. I'd like to know how severe anything is." He walked over to Shalin's side, squinting a little to examine her side and see how he might be able to bandage it effectively.
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