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Shalin sighed softly. The Underdark... It was not a place she had ever wished to go nor did she have any idea of how to get out if that was truly where they had fallen to. She looked up again at the light high above and then down at the passageways below. Truly this was very far down. I couldn't climb up with the others even if their was a place where the walls would let them get out. My body is my enemy in this place. And I am going to be the biggest hindrance to getting out... if they should choose to stay with me. The centaur swallowed down her fear and looked at the somewhat fearful faces of those two that were suddenly with her in this mess.

I am not afraid of the dark, no. But Tali, the Underdark is... It's a system of caves, caverns, tunnels, and underground gorges that make up the traditional living spaces of the dark elves. It is a well-known place for the fostering of evil, as the lair of great beasts unlike anything we have on the surface, and as the home of the Chapel of the Dark Goddess, Vacellessa. Most surface dwellers go out of their way to avoid coming here except on missions of trade or peace. While historically there has been lots of wars between surfacers and those that live far below our surface, presently we have come to a time of quiet between them and us. As for their current politics, I do not know of anything that would present such a situation of unstable peace. But the dark elves are reportedly one of many races down below the surface. It has been reported in historical documents that dark elves inhabit only some of the more surface areas of the Underdark which is why we've had to deal with them on the surface with wars and et cetera for many many centuries. She chuckled grimly suddenly. And that is our history lesson for today.

Placing pressure on her front knees, she straightened her rear set of legs, lifting herself up. The strain caused more blood to dribble down her side. The blood spatter echoed up in the cavern into which they had fallen. It was eerie and caused the centaur to shudder as she straightened her front legs with a groan. Her side's flexing was not a pleasant experience. At least she was back on her own four feet. Her tail whipped about irritably. With a heavy sigh, she decided to say something that most people knew already. And this is supposed to be one of the darkest places in the world... And it will get darker still before we ever get back to the surface. At this rate, we'll have to walk all the way to Moreikinen, the capital of the dark elves, before we even get out. She shivered again. Should we rest here for now? Or should we just try to get bandaged up before moving into one of these tunnels? Do either of you have any torches?
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