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Tali sat up very carefully, not wanting to make the dizziness worse and cause her to black out again. She inspected herself carefully, flexing every muscle, seeing where she was bruised and cut and testing for anything broken. Her ankle was severly sprained, but not broken. And she was covered in blue and purple splotches of color although her summer dress hid the worst of the damage. She sighed and winced, one of her ribs must have been bruised aswell because it hurt. She would have to be careful about what she did.

Tali listened back in on the conversation around her. -The underdark? What is that? I want to be headed wherever we were already going. I dont like detours!- She would have stomped her foot in a childish way if it werent for the fact that she was injured and still sitting. Her eyes widened at Ra's joking manner. She knew he was trying to keep things light, but it really wasnt helping. Tali wasnt exactly afraid of the dark, just the things that hid within it. She was afraid of those things: shadows, people, of which she couldnt see. When you cant see, it becomes hard to defend yourself. You can train yourself to feel the vibrations of someone aproaching and train your ears to pick up even the tiniest breath. But it takes a long time to train yourself like that and Tali was afraid of her teachings at the horrid camps.

Tali gave a shaky laugh. "U..under..dark? Where's that? A..and I'm not exactly afraid of the dark."
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