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(K. well i can bring in my npc character now. Frya and i talked about the little trickster tracker dude so we'll see how long he can keep in before i decide to kick him out. haha. my first npc....wish me luck... haha)

Elle rose slowly to her feet after sending Tera off to hunt with Fenrir. She noticed Keira's movements to gather up the needed items to make a fire. Elle dusted herself off and felt a little more exposed than she would have liked. Just a little bit ago she was fine being with the two other women and the wolves, but now she had an underlying feeling of self consciousness that she couldnt explain. So she walked over to the cherry blossom tree where she had hung her clothes to dry. She knew that the fabrics wouldnt be dry until much later and that she would have to put them near the fire's warmth to make them dry faster. But for now she just pulled on the underwears of the leather outfit that were hidden beneith the leather top and pants.

When she felt a little more decent, she looked around her. She had lost sight of the little blue fae and a pang of worry hit her. But she silenced it because she knew Leeli could care for herself. With Keira moving about and the wolves gone, Elle felt useless. She rocked back and forth on her heals before remembering that Leeli didn't eat meat. So she decided to do something for the fae which should make her happy.

Elle walked over to an apple tree where a bush resided close by. It was a pretty little area with a very beautiful view of the lake and the face of the hill behind it. Her leg brushed against the leaves of the bush as she reached for the branches that held the ripe apples. She was oblivious to the fae in the bush. She swayed a little, happily humming to a tune she had learned from her mother when she was very little. She had five apples in her hands and she danced back to the general area where Leeli had been earlier before she disapeared. Elle lay the apples down, four down first in a square shape and then topped it with the fifth apple to create a pyramid shape. She looked at the bright red apples, promising a juicy and sweet banquet. She laughed and continued humming as she walked back through the soft, green grass to where she had been. She was on a strange high that this tranquil place had normally brought to her. There was just no way for her to be upset here. It was the very essence of peace.


A pair of bright green eyes peered through the leaves of a branch in a tree not far from a lake he knew. The little faerie man watched as two wolves ran by. One female was many shades of colors and her tail was high in the air as she pranced around the male. The green fae snorted at the pair and shook his copper haired head. A beam of remaining light from the sky found its way through the canopy and glittered off his hair. The tips of his hair were a dark green, contrasting with the copper quite nicely. His clear, green wings with black fringed edges fluttered quickly for a moment as he scanned the area again. He was looking for his old friend, Kail. Well...he wasn't just looking for him, but tracking. It's taken quite a while and the trail led him here.

The fae glanced down at his bronze-skinned hand which held firmly onto the branch that he was hidden behind. His broad shoulders tightened as did his forearms as he prepared to push of from the branch and take to the air again. The one foot eleven inches of toned muscle mass rose swiftly and he scanned around him again. Then he zoomed off in the direction of where Kail's trail was leading him. He hoped to find him soon, there wasn't too much time left before she found Kail. "I have to warn him soon. The stupid, thick-headed, insolent, ignorant, conceded little...." No he must keep quiet. He can insult his friend when he saw him. Now was a time to track.
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