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Ra's head snapped up. There were few places in the Underdark that come up to the service, or so he had heard. Isn't the Underdark where the dark elves live? He shuddered. The thought of a space that was without sun, or light. But he looked up towards the light that came in through the hole. It was to high up to get Shalin, especially in her present condition.

He looked around, and saw though it was partially blocked by rubble now, there was a tunnel, and they were sitting in the middle of it. He cleared his throat. "So...it's too high to get you back up to the ground, m'lady. And Tali is hurt as well. I think we might want to rest here for a bit, get your side bandaged with something, and look for another way out."

The reptile shivered a little, and then smiled. "On the bright side of things, we get to explore a new place!" He looked around again, and peered down the tunnels. Both darkened to blackness quickly. "Anyone afraid of the dark?" He jokingly asked.
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