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Kaera, Elle, Writer, Tera, Fenrir...Who is who?? He sighed in relief though. At least she was with them by choice, even if they were...biggies. She babbled on. And then the last sentence caught his attention. She had been sitting alone for a bit and...she sounded so...lonely. He couldn't help the wish to reach out and comfort her. But he stopped himself. What are you thinking?! You barely know her. Sure, she might be a damsel in distress, but I doubt she would appreciate being treated like she couldn't take perfect care of herself! He kept his hands close to him, but his stance was open and friendly now. Shy still, but friendly.

Her last sentence, put with a hollow laugh, made him take a small step forward. His lips turned upward into a winning smile, showing straight, perfectly white teeth, and making caramel eyes sparkle. "S'alright. I don't mind. I find your voice beautiful. And living out here in the wilds, I tend to get tired of hearing my own voice. It's refreshing to hear something as exquisite as yourself." He relaxed a little, one knee bending, the hip dropping a little, and his stance becoming a little more open. "So, Lahura...why are you going to rescue this...Writer?"

He was starting to feel more easy around the other fae, her own talkitive nature attractive to him.


Keira smiled as she watched the two wolves playing with each other in the water, splashing in the shallow water and chasing each other round. But they were going to need food tonight. With a sigh, she called Fenrir over to her, apologizing to him as he gave her a pitiful look. Despite her slightly guilty feeling, she still told him to go hunting, and Elle, realizing what she was doing, sent Tera along with him.

And the two women then sat in a somewhat awkward, but mostly comfortable silence, a few feet from each other, watching the water. After a few minutes though, Keira got out her fire supplies, and started walking towards the forested area to gather wood. She needed larger branches to keep the flames going once they were started.
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