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First, she felt like she should be swooning. Then, she felt like she should be giggling. Oh, I see! He's a recluse! She was amused by his shuffling and nervousness. Now over her strange hypnotized-like phase, she could see him as he was, a fully formed, handsome, nervous, and quiet faerie man who... Wait... He's got a bow. Is he... a sc... a sco... a scout?! Oh no... Oh no... Oh no... I... I should put this out of my mind RIGHT NOW! No need to think about it! Not yet anyway! If he's a no good, philandering scout, I will find out later and THEN decide what to do! But he is... so cute. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Her brain wailed loudly on the inside and on the outside was him asking her if she got captured.

The question jostled her back into her feet instead of stuck in her head. No! No no no! Kaera and Elle couldn't capture me if they wanted to. I captured them! The only reason for the limping and the no flying rule is because we got waylaid by some hostile elven men who decided that they wanted to catch Kaera. Elle came to the rescue and now we're going to find Writer who is ensorcelled by some sinister wizard who placed a curse of silence upon him. We just stopped by here to rest for the night and relax before we find the cave with a boulder shaped like a wolf near it which should be nearby according to Elle's calculations as she and Tera, her wolfie friend, have been here before. Fenrir is Kaera's, by the way. And me, well, I thought this would be a lovely place to stop because it was so pretty. Elle says it's always this pretty. And then I thought it would be a shame to be sitting out here all alone in such a pretty place and Kaera had Fenrir and Elle had Tera and I... was sitting alone for a while. The words had tumbled out like a fountain before she was even aware of what she was saying. The last bit made her eyes fall for a moment, looking away, both ashamed and embarrassed for saying such a thing out loud and not really wishing to lead the man on about things, her status of being single for one. So slapping on a fake smile and squinting up her eyes, she looked back up to him. Oh look at me now, babbling on with a man I just met! She laughed. There was a small hollow tone to that laugh as she covered up what inner pain she felt at being a solitary faerie in a biggie's world.

I wonder if he looks in on biggies often and realizes that they are so big, so fast, and far moving. That they find love so much easier than people who are small and hard to locate. But then, this man stepped right out of my head, my daydreams and into real life without much effort, but... I don't really know him though. He could still simply be a figment of my imagination and I could have imagined the feel of his hand. Am I really so lonely that I could be hallucinating the man of my dreams? Even if he might... be a scout...
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