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He waited anxiously as she tried out his name, and then quickly spoke her own. "Lahura...the pleasure is all mine, really." His voice had for a split second, become that of a charmer. A moment later, as she teased him, his feet shuffled again, and he ran his hand through his hair again. "I-I'm sorry...I'm just...I-I'm not very comfortable around biggies." His golden brown eyes flashed towards where the two larger people were out by the lake.

His eyes rose to meet hers and then the lightbulb turned on. She was teasing. A small smile started, twitching his lips up, and then grew slowly. She was teasing. Oh. Heh. Right...No need to be embarrassed about my lack of eye contact.... But a bit of embarrassment showed nonetheless, in his shuffling feet and nervous shifting.

She's so...regal, and beautiful, and...and...*sigh* The silence that started made him shift again, so started speaking. He had never like silence, especially with people he didn't really know. "So...Why are you will the two biggies? Did they capture you?" The two questions rushed out of his mouth in a spurt of boldness.

Automatically, at the thought of her being cuaght by humans or other biggies made him clench his teeth a little, eyes flashing a little, his hand itching to grab his bow.[/color]
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