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((OOC: You're a mod, Fyra, and May said to move Elle around a bit. So yes, you have some small god-mod abilities. Use the force wisely. ;) )

It was easy to see that the blue faerie would have followed him wherever his feet could possibly take them. She would have limped for miles simply entranced by the vision of him before her and the gentle tug on her hand. He was caugth in the semblence of nervousness, a bit of shaking apparent in the slight shudder present in his gloriously red wings. Leeli, quite opposite, was full of unconscious confidence stemming from this nearly "fairytale," so to speak, beginning.

As he mentioned biggies, Leeli looked back towards where she had left Keira and the others playing by the water. She could still hear the wolves splashing about. A small look of concern flashed over her face. It was as if she broke the spell around her by looking back. That's right. The others... and Writer... We were on a mission...

The blue woman looked back at the man before her, the one who had seemingly stepped out of her daydreams, her nighttime musings, and into real life from thin air. Who was he? Why had he come here? He was real, but who knew what purposes he had? The realizations hit her suddenly. She had been taken too unaware and now he was leading her away from the others. Leeli knew that she would follow him for a while, but she would have to go back, back to her own world even if it meant leaving the man of her dreams.

He released her hand and she let it slide from her fingers rather reluctantly as she looked back into his large brown-eyed gaze before his eyes slunk nervously to the ground. Is he... scared of me? His name was Kailen. It was an easy name that sounded like it would slide off the tongue easily so she decided to test it out. Kailen... Kailen Dankous. Her words were soft and almost under her breath. Of course, then she realized that he was asking for her name when she hadn't already given it. Without thinking, she gave her full name. I am... Lahura Swallowtail Windswitch, daughter of Populo and Jarena of the Swallowtail tribe, and apprentice to Ruerswal the wizard. She maintained her confident posture, her shoulders back, spine straight, eyes proud and on the male faerie's face the whole time. The only thing that was not the most characteristic of the woman was her voice, which was simply soft yet firm, the voice of a queen without a kingdom. I am pleased to meet you... Kailen of the Nighten-gails. A sincere smile granced her face as she studied the outlines of his jaw and the shape of his eyes.

She laughed softly suddenly. You should really look at a person when you introduce yourself or you might be construed as rude. The simple smile grew wider. If he looked at her, he would know that she took no offense, but simply meant to minorly embarrass him.
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