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Kailen fidgeted, shifting weight from foot to slender foot as he waited for her to either put her hand in his or run away, screaming bloody murder in a high pitched voice. He couldn't however, take a step backwards, his body frozen in place by her sapphire gaze.

It took forever for her to reach across the gap between them, and before long, Kail's hand was shuddering with the fear of her trying to leave. And then, her small hand slid into his. At her touch, a shiver ran through up his spine, ending with him once more nervously running a hand through his hair. He swallowed, and then coughed to clear his throat. "Uh...We..We can't stay here!" He stepped backwards, folding his fiery wings to keep them from running into the brush.

He turned slightly to look ahead of him and follow the barely discernible pathway his feet were on. Just a few feet in. Where the biggies won't be able to hear us. Their ears aren't nearly sensitive enough... But before he had quite reached the distance he would've been comfortable at, the stranger fae woman started to speak, babbling in shock. He stopped, not yet letting go of her hand, marveling at it out of the corner of his eye. The contrast of his golden skin against her creamy blue amazed him.

As she babbled on, Kail's nervousness slowly faded into confusion. She thought I wasn't real?! But towards the end, he couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. "Of course I'm real! As real as you and..." He paused, glancing quickly towards the lake where the two biggies and wolves were. " *ahem* the biggies..."

Silence came over him for a second, and then he remembered that she had asked his name, and at the same time, he realized that his fingers were still wrapped around hers. Relaxing his hand, removing it from her grasp, he scratched behind a hidden antenna that was on his messy haired head.

"uh...my name is Kailen Dankous...of the Nighten-gails..." his brown eyes focused on the ground as he said it, and then he glanced up at Leeli's face once, before looking down, shuffling his feet and managing to mumble out "May I ask your name?"


Keira leaned back, knowing that leeli would come back when she was done. The little blue woman could handle herself. Tera and Fenrir were playing in the shallow water, a game of tag or something similar. Elle, smiling in happiness, went and sat on the bank, a little ways from Keira. The light was slowly dimming, but there was still a few hours left.

((I know there's some god-moding here, but Elle's been like stuck in time for a while so she's gunna do something!!))
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