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Leeli's heart sounded loud. Her pulse rang clear in the vessels of her shapely pointed ears. She stood beside him, having to look up, but not too horribly far up as if he were a biggie. The man whom she had been searching for was before her. He couldn't possibly be real. There was no way, no how!

His red coloring blazed like fire and she wanted to reach up and tousle his hair as he did so on his own. He seemed like a nervous hallucination, not that she blamed him. She was a beautiful creature. She nodded to him as he asked her to come with him, still as if she were a sleepwalker in a dream. His hand extended to her, she reached out hesitantly. This is the part where I touch him and he disappears and I am made a mockery of by my dream.

Her fingers spasmed as she reached out, her eyes locked on his face as she did so as she allowed her peripheral vision to guide her hand to his. Budimp budimpa budimp budimpa... I wish my innards wouldn't surge so much when I'm trying to memorize this one. Her digits landed, startling her. He was warm, his hand was firm, and it was rough like any other hand she had ever felt. It was warm. Her eyes widened and she gasped, her hand tightening around his as she let him lead her slowly further deeper into the bush next to which they stood.

Her voice was little more than a high pitched whisper mixed somewhere between fear and awe.But... but you're real? You're real! You're really really real. But how...? How can it be that you're real? But you were... And now I'm... But you're here! I... I... You...? What do you call you? Err... Uh... Um... What's your name?

She leaned heavily on her staff, the odd stress of the odd meeting was wearying her unexpectedly. For once, the normally chatty faerie was seemingly at a loss for words.
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