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Keira had been staring ahead, and so the girl didn't see the faerie beside her gaping at the bushes behind her. She nodded at her words, and smiled at the two wolves. It was nice to be in a peaceful area.


Kail sighed in relief. The beautiful fae had seen him, and she...gaped. His frown returned slightly, his bright wings shuddering. Honey caramel orbs blinked quickly as they met the large blue eyes of his counterpart. As she stared, he beckoned quickly, slinging his small bow over his muscled shoulder. The male fae watched nervously as the blue woman looked up at the biggie beside her and said something he didn't quite make out. But the biggie nodded and continued to watch the lake, so he didn't worry about it.

The female fae was walking towards him, using a...fork? to help support herself, her splinted leg stumping the ground with every step. His eyes roved over, catching every detail of her. The goggles that where holding her hair back seemed rather odd to him, but he could understand it, since she was a flying creature. And her blue hair...His eyes shone at the sight of it. To be able to find someone that was entirely made up of one of his favorite colors...Stop it, Kail! Idiot! Stop getting sidetracked! He looked nervously at the biggie on the bank and blinked quickly. Please stay there!

And almost as if no time had passed, the woman was suddenly right beside him, staring up at him as if he was a hallucination. Nervously, he looked once more at the biggie and then cleared his throat, running a hand through his messy, bedhead hair in agitation. It was left even messier than before. "*ahem* We c-can't talk here..." He backed up one step as he stuttered, his eyes flashing to the open area in front of the bush with a glint of fear. The brush behind him, to any other creature, would have been extraordinarily tangled and hard to get through, but to a faerie, it was full of pathways.

Safety is in the bushes... Or the air, but she can't fly... Eyes to her wings, to the open, and back behind him once more. Backing up another step, he held out a slim, muscled arm, his hand open in invitation. "Come with me?" His voice was unsure still, his hand shaking a little. A small, friendly light appeared in his eyes, but it was still covered by some fear of the open space in front of him, where the biggies were. Why does she look...hypnotized??
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