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((OOC: Yeah... NPC's sometimes do take over. In my story with Slayer, my PC simply dropped out of the story for a while. Lol.))

Keira seemed completely relaxed... or rather as relaxed as Keira ever became. Gosh, she's uptight even when she's at ease. Snakes aren't really that bad. They're just misunderstood... And big. Then she heard it again.

Her antennas swivelled followed by her head as her whole upper half twisted to look back at the hissing bush again which reminded her how she had gotten on the topic of snakes in the first part. Staring back at her was a man. His skin was a golden tan pouring like molten honey across him, his hair a dark mop laid upon his head, his wings black and red like a fierce yet prideful fashion statement, and his clothing was... rather plain, but camouflage intensive obviously designed to... well... camouflage him. He blended in with the bush with that part of him and it was the rest of him that was laid out like a delicacy for the eyes. It would have been one thing to say that Leeli was interested in what she saw, rather she was quite entranced.

The blue faerie's large, liquid blue eyes blinked a few times as if to clear the obviously illusory vision that had forced itself up from the water vapors streams coming off of the ground. Her mouth gaped open in a less flattering manner, but she could not bring herself to shut it as she tried to kill her hallucination with thought logic. He's not real. He's not there. There is no way for a man from my imagination to come popping out into real life even if I have been searching for him since I knew that men existed. And besides! IT'S NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY! Nothing this crazy happens on a day that's not my birthday... It became apparent to her suddenly that there had to be something standing there even if she was hallucinating due to the fact that there appeared to be a shadow beneath him. It would behoove her to go investigate. It was time to make an excuse that wouldn't seem crazy.

Kaera, I am hallucinating. Stay here while I go and vanquish it. No... Kaera, I am seeing things. I think I'm going to make love to it. It's no big deal. It's probably only some weird stick anyway. Um... no... Kaera... I got it! Kaera, I've got to go use a bush. I shouldn't need any help. I'll be back in a little while, okay? She smiled up at the girl now that she convinced herself that he was something at least. Using her fork, Leeli got up and stumped her way towards the bush the brilliantly colored male was standing before like some over-glorified man-hunk of a butterfly. As she neared him, he began to look more three dimensional. And suddenly she was standing beside him, her eyes wide, locked on his face, studying it, every eyelash, every pore, every misaligned hair on his golden head. Her mouth, however, still found itself agape... if ever so slightly. So... making love to a stick it is. You are one handsome bush.
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