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Leeli was happy that Kiera had decided to join her even if the somber girl was always... well, somber. It was as if she was unable to lighten up even if it meant getting close to someone other than Fenrir who could, to some extent, talk back, but not in the same way another humanoid creature could. It was a different sort of companionship and Leeli couldn't understand why Keira ran from it when she could even if she didn't seem to mind the faerie herself most of the time.

Then came the hissing. Leeli heard the frequency and her antennas swivelled around trying to get a trajectory. Of course, when her head started to swing about, blue hair flouncing about and slapping at her head and neck with its wetness, her antennas got all mixed up on where the sound was coming from. When the first volley stopped, she just assumed that she had heard something... as in, it was all in her head. The second time she tried to make sure that she looked in the right direction. And she saw...! Why am I staring at a bush? Bushes are nice and everything, but bushes don't hiss. They rustle. It didn't sound like a snake. I almost got eaten by a snake once... She looked back towards the lake, assuring herself that she was losing it little by little.

Did you know I almost got eaten by a snake once, Kaera? It was a large python in the Jungle. Its body was as thick as your neck and it was longer than your body. It nearly caught me unawares while I was picking berries in a tree. Fortunately I have plenty of useful tricks and so when it got a mouthful of my trusty staff... She patted her glimmering fork and its deadly sharpness. It hissed at me and we fought. I, of course, won, but the snake went on living and hopefully picks on things that are its own size. Leeli smiled and brushed the hair of her shoulders though it did no good as it was affixed to its strange state and only held position despite every attempt to dislodge it. So... why was I thinking about snakes? She shrugged inwardly. I don't remember.
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