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Sitting down lightly, she shifted uncomfortably, eventually finding a comfortable spot on the bank, where she could sit without having any part of her body go numb. Then she relaxed a little. Her body at least. Her eyes and ears were still kept open and sharp. She wasn't able to shake off that feeling of being watched. She nodded at the right moments with breaks between Leeli's words. An a small smile twisted her lips as the fae mentioned the wet wolf smell. It did seem to spread about rather easily.

Frowning again though, she looked behind her, and around the open area. Am I just paranoid? She couldn't see anything, or smell anything unusual. But there was still that nagging thought. She turned to Leeli as she finished. "I'm sure that your...uh...skills have remained good enough to tell a good story." Keira glanced around again.


Just go talk to her...Come on Kail! He started forward, and then froze again. He couldn't do it. Then Kail shook his head, his dark hair flinging about on top of his head falling into his eyes. And then he growled lightly, and fluttered his wings and went back further into the tree, still puzzling over the situation in front of him. He slid smoothly through the air back into thicker bushes, and then moved silently through the branches until he was right behind the two, as close as he could get, and paused again.

Unable to forced any words through his mouth, he hissed out. "Pssst!" He was sure that the biggie would be unable to hear him, but just maybe, that beautiful, fantasically winged...

He coughed. and once more "Pssst!"
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