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Leeli smiled up at the biggie that she had come to know decently well. Kaera, did you want to sit? I wouldn't mind... so long as you didn't sit on me. The little faerie giggled again at the joke at her expense. I'm little, but I don't mind. Really. I don't mind the company. Really. It's such a nice place that it feels... just too wrong to be here with only your own thoughts.

A gentle breeze blew off of the water and tousled her strange, wet hair and rumpled her clothes. She looked down her legs and realized that her socks were sliding down and carefully pulled them up. The red and orange one on her left leg seemed to have drooped too far past her knee for her fashion's sensibility. You know, I've traveled a lot of places, but there aren't too many that would be able to top this place. Waterfalls are nice, but they're just one thing of beauty trapped in a rugged bowl of rock. Volcanoes are just plain asking for trouble. But I mean, this place is so very tranquil. It's like you can sit down, think of very little other than the smells and the sounds around you.

The little blue woman sniffed the air, taking in the clean odor of the water, the perfume of the blossoms on tree and flower, and the glorious scent of... wet wolf. She snorted out a bit of a laugh. Well... I mean, the wet wolfie smell I could probably do without, but the rest is nice. She rolled her eyes as her thin antennas swivelled this way and that as she tried to get a fix on something. It was something odd, but she never was able to get any preminitions of danger... from anything. She simply shrugged and gave up, her wings opening and shutting slowly again for the stretch. I think I'll be happy when I can take off this leg brace in a few days. I wouldn't dream of it right now even if it's starting to feel better. It would be even more fun to fly over the lake. I used to go fishing when I lived around the islands a few years back. I would be the bait for these monsters of creatures. They'd have these blades for noses and they'd swim up fast and quick. Because it was the ocean, it'd be so dark that you could only barely see them coming if you were paying attention. And then, BIZZZT! I'd spark them good, tie the line and tug away. It was kind of fun running around with some sailors, you know? They've seen so many things in their travels that they'd be able to tell the most fascinating stories. I suppose I could tell one tonight when everyone's settled down to eat dinner, maybe. Her large eyes scanned across the expanse of water before her. Nothing quite like the ocean, but the lake was quite perfect on its own. A soft smile spread across her face. I used to be a good storyteller when I traveled. My skills might have dulled. She turned her face to the biggie beside her again, content with the conversation she was having even if it was mostly one-sided with Keira.
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