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Keira shifted uncomfortably. She didn't know how to react to someone thanking her. Oddly enough, she didn't mind that Leeli didn't pronounce her name right. She didn't care much what people called her. Most just didn't call her anything. 'Hey you!' was typically what she was called by in any case. Damn guards... Glancing at the small blue woman beside her, the wild girl's eyes widened to an enormous size as she watched the water slough itself over Leeli's body.

She smiled a little though, as Leeli described what the spell felt like. The girl like how she didn't have to speak. Leeli just filled in the silence with her own speech. It was almost like she didn't really require answers. But Keira nodded anyway. "This is a good place to camp. And it does make sense." She coughed a little bit, more uncomfortable with company that spoke than Leeli. But she was glad for the companionship, even if she wasn't used to it. And there was this strange feeling of being watched that made her uneasy...


Peeking between the blossoms of the cherry tree where Elle had hung her clothes, another small person watched the scene. In his hand was a small bow, double curved and strung, his free hand clinging to a small branch as he leaned forward to see the people on the bank of the lake easier. There was two wolves, in the water, and he was fine with those, but the two biggies in the scene made him rather nervous.

As one of these biggies moved from where she was by the water, walking to another spot on the bank, his caramel eyes caught sight of a tiny, blue woman that was sprawled on the bank. His eyes widened. What in the name of the gods is a fae doing with biggies? He blinked quickly, his spiky red and black wings fluttering just barely in his agitation and his antennae, short as they were, shuddered enough to remind him that they were there. Biting his lip, the small, golden-skinned man shifted slightly, trying to keep his brown- and green-black clothing hidden among the pink leaves. He didn't know how long it would be before he had to move to keep the biggies from noticing him.

Strong features were angled in an expression of confused frustration as he tried to reason why a faerie such as this beautiful woman would be around biggies. Had they captured her? Her wing and leg were splinted. Had they hurt her? A small spark of rage entered him, but then quickly faded as he watched her expression. It was quite obvious that she was happy with the two women. But why??? he wondered, trying to puzzle it out. He was still very curious about the larger races, but with all of his past experiences, the man had become very cautious of those he had associated with.

He inched forward again, biting his lip and gripping the small branch with his slim but strong hands, using his wings to balance lightly where few other creatures would be able to stay on the branch. Her wings are so beautiful... The faerie shook his head. Don't get distracted. You're trying to find out why she's with the biggies, not evaluate how beautiful she is... Once more he inched forward.
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