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Leeli looked up, almost startled by Keira's approach. She had been more intuned to herself than to the world around her and it reminded her how small she truly was. Her mouth gaped open a bit as she began to comprehend what Keira was saying, looking full into those large hazel eyes that the woman had. It took the faerie a moment to reply. She blinked back a bit of moisture in her bright eyes as a smile rippled across her little face.

Oh thank you, Kaera! She looked at the bit of clear water slowly being absorbed into the bit of leather. Thank you... for the gift. It is very thoughtful and I am very appreciative. The little blue woman scratched her nose and placed her fork to the side, carefully avoiding the bit of leather. A thin arm gestured towards herself as she uttered an incantation. Unda orbis exsisto existo.

The clear water drew itself together as if it were a gel-like substance, congealing. It was near hypnotizing to watch, but it all happened rather fast. The water acted like a strange, living coat as it sloughed off of the leather scrap and crawled up the faerie's extended arm. It was like a small wave that washed over her, cascading off her back in a small flinging of droplets that cast minute rainbows for seconds before they splashed against the ground. Leeli giggled. It's more fun to do that than to simply swim, but it takes a lot of control and concentration. It's the concentration that's hard because it's like being swallowed up by a fat worm that realizes that you're too big to swallow before it explodes.

Little, tiny droplets stuck to her clean flesh. Her strangely curled hair hung oddly off her head, not quite straight nor quite curled at the time. Her clothes were cleaner as was her face which had seemed a bit oily after the run through the forest. Her wings moved slowly, not extending all the way for fear of straining the one, but simply in a slow attempt to dry them. We should probably camp here, don't you think? Plenty to eat and drink and probably enough wood for you to have a fire. Everyone could probably use a breather as you and Elle have run so far today. Better to be well-rested whenever we find whatever we find... if that ever made any sense... She smiled up at the young human before her, rejoicing in such simply company and hospitality. It was strange how the simple gesture had made her feel much better. It was evident in her expressions and her gestures as she talked. Leeli simply carried more life with her again.
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