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Keira, sighing a little as she started to try to detangle her wild, dark hair, glanced over at Leeli. The small woman looked so...lonely. Her lips were moving, though it was nearly impossible for even the keen ears of a wolf-woman to make out what that small, high-pitched voice was saying. But the dark eyed teenager knew that the faerie was speaking to herself.

Her hazel eyes roamed over Leeli's injured body. Despite not having run through the dust of the woods all day, surely it would be nice to clean up. It was always a sort of acknowledgment of the end of the day to have a bath of some sort, even if it was just a sponge bath. Besides, even if Tera and Elle were strangers, and Keira was cautious and distrusting of them, she had let Leeli into her Pack temporarily at least. Pack members took care of each other.

For a moment that sense of loyalty made her pause. What?...She's not even the same race! But...Fenrir isn't even the same species... She looked over at the wolf, Tera playfully bouncing around him, and felt the warmth and love that wolves felt towards their long time Pack members.

So, squeezing and shaking much of the water from her leathers, she slid her body back into them, with some difficulty. Then, still detangling her hair with one hand, she pushed the other into her pack, bringing out a pouch, and a small scrap of very soft leather, one of the smaller pieces about two by three inches big. Then, she dumped the contents of the pouch into the bag, and leaned over far enough to scoop a good amount of water into it.

Walking over to Leeli took only a few second, since her strides were that of a biggie, and Keira knelt down, clearing her throat before beginning to speak. "I...thought you might like to wash up a little..." Her rough voice was a little unsure, as if she wasn't positive that Leeli wanted to be disturbed in her thoughts or not. "It wouldn't be like swimming for sure, but even cleaning up a bit is nice at the end of a day after traveling..." The girl set the pouch, filled with water, down, positioning it so that it could be open and not spill. Then she put the small piece of leather by it, turning to sit looking at the lake, watching the two wolves in the water.

Fenrir, having been perfectly happy wading and drinking the water he was in, pulled his head up as water splashed over it from the overly hyper Tera. Blinking, he shook his head, water spraying around him and ears flopping a little as he did so. Afterwards, the fur on his head stuck up in what was a quite ridiculous manner. But the silver canine's ears perked up, and his own eyes got a small glint in them. There was still some puppy left in the wolf, despite being nearly five years old. He went into a type of play bow, his tail raising with his rump and his front lowering just a little. He avoided going completely underwater though, keeping his head above it, though it lapped at his jaws and chest. After a moment of posing, he came back up from the bow and bounded forward a few steps mouth open in a wolf grin. In his mind, Tera was as close to Pack as one could be without truly being pack. She was on "probation" in a way, but still accepted for the most part.
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