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Elle continued to mess around with Tera for a little bit until the wolf let out a laughing bark as she dunked the half-elf under the water. Elle managed to take a full breath before she was completely submerged under the clear water. She decided to swim to the bottom to use some of the sand to scrub the dirt and grim off her skin. She ran her fingers through her hair multuple times to try and clean it out the best she could. She detangled the ends quickly before she was forced to swim up to get air.

The cool air bit at the wet, exposed skin of Elle's face. She felt cleaner as she stripped her clothes off in the water to soak them well and rub them clean aswell. She didn't care who saw her when she got out to hang her clothes on a low hanging branch of a cherry blossom tree near by. Her clothes would have a nice floral scent to them which would make her happy next time she put them back on. Elle sat in the grass a little ways away from the sandy shore of the lake and watched the creatures around her.

Leeli was looking down and talking to herself. Poor thing.. And Keira was also washing up. Everything was pretty much mellow except for the soaking wet wolf who made her way quickly through the water to the other wolf. When she was close enough she began bounding and splashing through the water in a circle around Fenrir, trying to get his attention.

Tera made sure to give Fenrir distance as she attempted to get him to come play with her. Her wet coat gleamed in what little light was left from the day and her eyes shone bright and playfull.
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