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Leeli felt strangely hollow for a moment as Elle set her down and raced off with the wolf. Keira settled for a bath, her skin going from a dull brown to a gleaming cream. The faerie watched, sighing softly. She would have loved to swim, but she didn't really think that she would be able to as she thought more about it. Even Fenrir was released from duty.

The little woman settled by the edge, clasping her fork to her knees. Her leg didn't bother her as much and she felt that she could walk on it and stand on it now. It was always the wing though. If that was fine, she would have gone buzz fishing. Instead, she simply sighed, looking at everyone else having their own versions of fun. There was something about this place that made her feel extraordinarily lonely even in such company. It's like it was made for more than just me. Like I'm less than what I ought to be and more superficial. Am I really that lonely?

Lahura Swallowtail looked at her feet before deciding to tug off her boots and socks before pressing her daintly little feet into the cool sand at the edge. Her little toes wriggled. Are my legs not shapely? Just like any biggie woman... just smaller... with wings and antennas. Her antennas uncurled a bit and pivotted about for a moment as she forced the muscles into action. She could feel the breeze and know what direction it flew in and if the weather would most likely turn. At this point, she felt confident of a relatively decent weather kind of day.

Because the sand was mostly soft, she stretched her wings out flat as she could and flopped down onto her back, wincing a little at the pressure on the injured joint, but not caring. Where are you, my handsome man? It feels like I'm the only faerie out there and that I'm all alone. I've met faeries before, but they're all flighty with no real substance. Perhaps that is why I seek out adventure and all sorts of biggies... because they feel... real when I feel like I'm the last of my kind. Not even real... She pillowed her head on her arms with another heavy sigh. Why do I feel like the last one? Leeli was simply talking loudly to herself and not really expecting an answer, but she wasn't looking at where the others were either.
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