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Keira's eyes widened, and a small smile broke across her face as she saw the beautiful water and the surrounding area. It was perfect. But as she heard Leeli's question, a snort of laughter escaped her. Boyfriend? Who needed a boyfriend? Sweethearts were a luxury that wild women like her couldn't afford. But, if one did have one...and was experienced the the romantic field...she supposed this would be a good place.

And then her mind, goal oriented as usual, slid the thought in. Bath... Keira sighed in happiness. To be clean... She walked to the edge of the water, Fenrir at her side, and then looked at him. "Fenrir, guard." She set down her glaive, and stripped down to bare skin, not paying any attention to those already in the water, splashing and playing. Her leather garments left on the shore, along with her weapons and pack, the young woman waded into the water and sighed as she dove under, scrubbing herself with the small amount of sand on the bottom. Dirt swirled around her. It was amazing just how much grime one can pick up. Granted, she had just recently fallen into a rather large hole.

As she came back above water, flipping her hair back, her eyes twitched in a wince. Despite loosening up her muscles by running all day, she was still sore from bruises. Leaping around like a maniac was normal for her, yes. But she was still affected by the consequences. Her hazel eyes caught site of Fenrir, obediently staying by her gear, but looking longingly to the water every now and then. The silver canine looked to her, his ears back and his nose pointed down, eyes asking permission. She sighed but nodded, beckoning him into the water, as she waded back towards the shore, much cleaner than she had been for weeks.

Ears perked up, the wolf waded into the water, up to his broad chest, but no further. He was not so much of a water animal. But it was fun now and then, to wade in and drink as he walked along. Keira watched for a moment, glanced over at Elle and Tera, then to Leeli, and waded out of the water. The girl grabbed her leathers, and knelt by the water, scrubbing dirt off of them with wet sand. She didn't have any other way of cleaning them, even though it would make them stiff for a while. She would wear them back soft again.

Part of her sighed. Even when she was technically in a larger pack, she was still seperate. She never could tell whether it was her fault or not.[/color]
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