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Elle smiled as she looked around. She almost missed Leeli's question. Elle blinked, before bursting out laughing. Boyfriend? She hasn't had a boyfriend. She's had a lover yes, but it was a one night thing. She pressed her lips together and took in a breath, letting the laughter leave her before she spoke. She hadnt laughed in a while, and the shock of the sound made her laugh harder. Eventually she managed to calm down enough to answer. "I've never had a boyfriend. But yes, I brought a lover here at one point. This is a perfect little place for romance. Although my night here with my late lover was for less romantic reasons. Instead, it was for more of a seductive reason." She laughed again, it sounded so...wrong.

Elle began walking to the lakes edge. "There are fish in the lake, but they wont harm you Leeli if you decide on a swim. Although, I might not recomend it with your injuries unless if you use your magic to help you float. " She looked down into the depth of the water. She could see the brightly colored fish swimming through the weeds. A lot of the fish in the water would make for a decent meal for the wolves, her, and Keira. Leeli could munch on an apple from one of the trees. She knew there were some plum and pear trees in here too that could be eaten. She licked her lips. Supper tonight and Breakfast in the morning will be very filling.

Elle spun around when she heard Tera's light footfalls headed their way. Tera had a goofy grin on her face still, her tongue lolling out to the side as she panted, and their was a spring in her step. Suddenly, spotting the water, Tera sprinted towards the water's edge and dove in, drenching Elle in the cold lake water. "Teeerraaaaaa..." She whined. "You got us all wet." Elle was dripping now.

She looked up at Leeli on her shoulder. "I'm setting you down. I've gotta get payback." She grinned playfully and carefully set Leeli a couple feet from the edge. Then she quickly jumped in and swam to meet Tera in the middle, playfully splashing her a bit and laughing.
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