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For the half-elf, the hours passed quickly. It was mosltly in silence, but Leeli did speak up every now and then. When Keira answered Leeli's question, Elle gave a short nod in agreement.

Elle's vision didn't really faulter as the sun started going down and hiding behind the rest of the forest. She was used to running in the dark, it was familiar now. Even so, she became a little bit more watchfull since she actually had a destination to be at this time, not just a random running that got her kinda no where. She was headed to the beautiful lake that flashed clear in her memory.

The water was clear and cool. It was so blue that it looked like a giant's hand hollowed out the ground a good many yards deep and then poured the sky itself into the makeshift bowl. And then it was if the giant had sculpted the earth around it in an area like clay to form the most perfect waterfall to ensure the refill and circulation of the magical water. There was grassland around the lake that was so beautifully green and weeping willows and a few cherry blossoms were skattered about in the tiny meadows layed out in front of the water. A good many stars could be seen, and the moon was always high in the sky when it became very late. The lake was so gorgeous and peacefull, and that's where they were headed. They couldn't be too far from it now.

Tera loped easily and energetically beside Elle. She was so happy for the new additions to their awekward pack. Her pink tongue lolled out of the side of her mouth as she panted lightly, making her grin rather goofy. The wold glanced up at Elle who's eyes had begun to sparkle with excitement and a slow smile spread across her features. Tera recognized the path they were running, and new the area to which they were heading. She enjoyed the lake very much herself. The soft spring grass made for a very lovely bed. She let out a bark like cough and added a little prance to her gait.

Elle glanced down at her companion on her left, laughing slightly. She finally spoke aloud. "We are almost to the lake." She smiled again at the thought. "It wont be too much longer now. I'm going to turn us off the trail soon. The lake is off in the trees. We can easily follow a deer path to it."

Time past quickly and she started turning off the path when she found a good enough deer trail to follow to their soon to be camp site. She followed the trail easily, brushing the tips of her fingers over the ferns. Elle noticed when Tera sniffed at the air and dove of into the shrubs, no doubt scouting for a rabbit or other small animal. She let her go, knowing the wolf could find her way to the water.

Elle saw slight light ahead and she held her breath with aprehension, grinning happily from ear to ear. 'I'm back.' She sighed happily as the clear, crisp scents flooded her nose and the water came into view, just as she had remembered it.
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