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Keira couldn't help but smile at the fae's constant questions and interesting manner. Leeli was so...childlike in so many ways. She didn't answer much though. Her only reply was, "I suppose it's from being on the move all the time, in my case at least." But after that she fell silent, her eyes and ears constantly on the alert, and every now and then she'd raise her head a little more, sniffing the air, and seeing which direction it came from.

Hours passed quickly, and quietly for the wild woman. She watched the world around her more and more as the sun started its descent, slowly darkening the blue sky. What was that rock shaped like? A wolf? Such an odd shape to choose. I mean, it's obviously wonderful, but still...a bit random. Keira sighed slightly as she continued her running jog, breathing at a perfectly steady pace that allowed her the perfect about of oxygen for her muscles to use to keep moving. Her strides were long, moving smoothly from the hip, to the knee, the ankle, and then her toe would land lightly on the ground.

And the sun slowly sank.
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